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Carpet Cleaning Service in Albany, GA

Carpet is a flooring type that provides great comfort in our homes. It’s often found in the rooms of our homes that are specifically meant for relaxation like bedrooms and living rooms. Although this comfort doesn’t come without drawbacks. The very fibers that make carpet so comfortable are the same ones responsible for trapping in dirt and odor.

Just like our clothing it’s inevitable that carpets will become soiled from use, but unfortunately for us we can’t throw our carpets into the laundry for a thorough cleaning. The reality is carpets need special cleaning on a routine basis to keep them clean and sanitary for as long as possible. This is where Albany Carpet Cleaning Experts come into the picture. We can provide your carpeted floor with the thorough cleaning it needs to keep you comfortable in your home.

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Our Carpet Cleaning Process


Our experts will evaluate your carpet situation to determine exactly what level and type of cleaning is required to restore your carpet to like-new condition. There are many factors at play when evaluating a carpet for cleaning such as carpet age, soil level, pile height etc. Due to our education in carpet cleaning, we will be able to select the best method to achieve superior results.

Carpet being cleaned with professional equipment - Albany GA


Following the evaluation our team will perform the type of carpet cleaning needed for your specific scenario. There are several cleaning methods are team will choose from such as Shampooing, Bonnet, Encapsulation, Dry Compound, and Hot Water Extraction. We offer each of these cleaning methods and have provided a brief description of each below:

  • Shampoo Carpet Cleaning:
      • Shampoo cleaning is a method by which a machine filled with a cleaning solution brushes the carpet to loosen soil from the carpet fibers. Once the carpeting has been shampooed it is then allowed to dry before all the loose dirt is then vacuumed from the carpet.
  • Bonnet Carpet Cleaning:
      • Bonnet cleaning also utilizes a machine with a cleaning solution, but instead of brushes it utilizes a bonnet typically made of cotton or synthetic fibers. This bonnet scrubs the carpet fibers to collect dirt.
  • Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning:
      • Encapsulation cleaning method involves a cleaning foam that is scrubbed into the carpet fibers to loosen and collect soil. This foam is meant to encapsulate the soil and allow it to be vacuumed from the carpet once it has dried.
  • Dry Compound Carpet Cleaning:
      • Dry compound carpet cleaning is a method where specific cleaning compounds are applied to the carpet fibers to breakdown and loosen the trapped soil. Often these dry compounds are combined with a spray solution and once dry the dirt is then vacuumed from the carpet.
  • Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning:
      • Hot water extraction is the most intensive carpet cleaning method. First a cleaning product is sprayed into the carpet fibers and agitated with brushes to release dirt and contaminants. Then the product is rinsed from the carpet using high pressure water and is immediately vacuumed up to ensure the water does not soak past the carpet layer.


Depending on the exact cleaning method used our team will often use speed dryers and air movers to ensure your carpet dries as quickly as possible. Typically, you’ll find where the cleaning started to be dry to the touch before we’ve completed the whole cleaning process. The last areas to be cleaned may require a few hours to finish drying completely.

Final Inspection

Keeping in line with our company mission of keeping our customers happy, we always do a final inspection walkthrough to ensure that we’ve performed a high-quality job. Feel free to point out any areas of concern for our staff to address, we are here to serve you with the best carpet cleaning service Albany has to offer!

Professional Carpet Cleaning Process - Albany GA

benefits of a professional carpet cleaning service

  • Extends the life of the carpet.
  • Removes unsightly stains.
  • Restores carpet color and patterns.
  • Sanitizes carpet and thus improves air quality.
  • Removes undesirable odors including pet odors.
  • Corrects flattened or matted carpet fibers.
  • Restores carpet pliability.
  • More effective than DIY Carpet Cleaners.
  • Carpet warranty validation for some retailers.

Carpet Cleaning Frequency

To keep your carpet in the best possible condition, professional carpet cleaning should be a service utilized at least a few times a year. Each household has different variables that would impact the recommended carpet cleaning frequency such as traffic, cleanliness, and the existence of pets. 

The amount of traffic your carpet experiences is an important factor because the more frequent the traffic the more opportunities for dirt to be trapped. Secondly, everyone has different tolerances for cleanliness and time for cleaning their homes. Frequent vacuuming can limit the amount of dirt and soil that will work its way deep into the carpet fibers. 

The last and possibly most important factor is the presence of pets within the home. We all love our fur babies, but they also love soft places to relax like carpet. All the carpet fibers make it very easy to trap in fur and dirt that comes off our pets. Pets significantly increase the need for more frequent carpet cleaning. 

Cleaned Carpet Results - Albany GA

For the average household we generally recommend getting a professional carpet cleaning service completed once every 2-3 months. If you’ve got a few furry roommates, then you may want to consider a more frequent carpet cleaning schedule. A great idea is to pair your carpet cleaning with an upholstery cleaning and hard-surface cleaning to have all your floors and furniture fresh and clean all at once!

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