Upholstery Cleaning Service

Upholstery Cleaning Service in Albany, GA

Upholstery is another one of those areas in our homes that don’t get cleaned thoroughly very often. Due to the complexity of their designs, furniture such as couches and chairs are typically only vacuumed by some homeowners. The reality is that vacuuming only partially cleans upholstery items because most of the dirt gets trapped deep in the weave of the fabric.

We’ve all seen those dust clouds of debris that erupt from a couch when someone flops down to rest. All that deeply trapped dirt needs to be professionally extracted from the fibers and sometimes requires professional equipment to make that possible. Here at Albany Carpet Cleaning Experts, we have the professional expertise and equipment needed to simplify the process of upholstery cleaning.

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Couch cleaning

Couch cleaning is probably the most sought-after upholstery cleaning service and for very good reasons. Couches are usually one of the most utilized pieces of furniture in our homes. Who doesn’t love to lay back and relax on the couch after a long day, but with all that relaxation comes dirt and odors that we don’t even realize we’re carrying.

This is especially the case when pets are involved, our fury friends are often carrying dirt trapped within their fur which can easily transfer to couches. Not to mention all the fur that pets leave behind everywhere. Getting your couch cleaned professionally is always a great idea to return that fresh and clean feeling your couches had when brand new.

Upholstery Couch Cleaning in Progress - Albany GA

Our Process

Our upholstery cleaning process focuses tremendously on ensuring the fabric is not damaged in the cleaning process. Upholstery such as couches often are constructed of several different types of fibers, both synthetic and natural. These fibers need to be treated with professional care to make sure there is no color loss or damage to the texture of the fabric. It is critical to always test the proposed cleaning method before attempting to clean the entire upholstery. Our experts will take the necessary time to professionally test the best cleaning method for your upholstery. This alone is the number one reason why it is always best to hire a professional when considering having your upholstery cleaned.

Professionally Cleaned Couch - Albany GA

Upholstery Cleaning Frequency

Choosing how often to have your upholstery professionally cleaned can be very situationally dependent. Consider the amount of upholstery you have and how often it is utilized. Some upholstery items in your home may only need to be cleaned once a year or less because they’re infrequently used, while other areas like the popular couch may need to be done twice a year.

Another factor to consider is whether pets frequent the upholstery in question. The couch the dogs and cats sleep on frequently is probably a couch that should be cleaned at least twice per year.

Everyone really has different cleaning habits and tolerances for dirt in the home, so whatever you decide Albany Carpet Cleaning Experts will be here waiting to serve all your upholstery cleaning needs when they arise! Also consider coupling your upholstery cleaning with a rug and carpet cleaning to keep all your home’s fabrics as clean as possible!

Upholstery Cleaning in Progress on White Couch
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